Home Maker Services

group of elderly taking their meal with their companionMost seniors and patients who prefer to live at home are looking forward to a home that is organized, clean, safe, and well-maintained. But if they are the only ones living there, it might become too taxing for them to manage a household and keep it in its best condition all by themselves.

Our skilled homemakers can maintain home the way you dreamed it to be through our housekeeping services:

  • sweeping / vacuuming the floor
  • arranging the furniture
  • dusting off the shelves and furnishings
  • keeping tripping hazards away from walkways and alleys
  • changing and washing the linens
  • washing the clothes and organizing the closet
  • buying groceries and running errands
  • cooking and preparing for meals
  • caring for plants and pets

With Abundant Care LLC, you will see that your decision of staying home is indeed the best choice that you have made. With us, not only will you come home in a place with love and affection, but also in a place that is clean, organized, and safe for the entire family.

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