About Us

elderly with her companionHere at Abundant Care LLC, we offer in-home care so that patients and elders who decided to stay home to spend their recovery or senior years can better enjoy the time that they have in the presence of their loved ones. Our goal is to create happier households through the various services that we offer, which are aimed at making their quality of living healthy and happy. When we see families spending time together and enjoying the comforts of family life, it makes us appreciate our jobs and see it more as a privilege and a lifetime advocacy.

All of us here; from our office staff, to our health care professionals, consultants, and everybody working in between, are all aligned in the same direction that Abundant Care LLC is going. We are a team united to provide compassion, love, and affection to the communities we serve. Moreover, we are also a team of licensed, certified, and seasoned professionals whose mission in life is to provide warmth in the heart through the service of our hands.

We would like to extend the same comfort and convenience to your family today. If you have an ailing loved one who needs a private sitter, a senior adult who can make use of supportive hands, or if you are a caregiver who needs to take a break from your daily grind, then we are here to provide you with nursing, personal, and respite services that is delivered with love and care. We offer free in-home consultation. At your most convenient time, you may schedule an appointment with us so we can start servicing and brightening up your homes soon.